Upgrading your Ecoboost F150 | All You Need to Know

Ford automobiles are known for their diversity, right from their economy class cars to pure sports machines, they have it all covered. There can hardly be any auto enthusiast who doesn’t love a ford. As a classic saying goes

“Nobody is perfect but if you drive a ford, you are pretty close”

One of the famous models of ford is the F150 trucks. The F150 trucks had a unique fanbase among people who were willing to make a little compromise on power and performance for that extra mileage.

Ford introduced this model back in 2011 featuring the EcoBoost engines which were available in 6 and 4 cylinders variants. On its reveal, many had identified the F150s as their favorite truck engineered to last while offering excellent fuel economy. No surprise it was the first-choice option for many.

Time has passed and F150s became family to many who didn’t want to sell them. But of course, time has brought power ambitions among the owners as well. You would have always wanted that extra grudge from your F150 which was teased lazy. You hated it, right?

Gone are those days. Today there are many aftermarket options flooded in the market that can offer a power boost to your F150. Before making a blind bet, you should know your car’s heart and its functioning.

EcoBoost Engine

Popular sizes of these 6- and 4-cylinders wiz. 3.5L V6, 2.3L V6, 2.7L V6, and 1.6L I4 direct injection engines have turbocharging in common. These combination engines are known for their additional airflow and accurate fuel delivery.

While naturally aspirated engines are notorious for greenhouse emissions, these turbos improve combustion efficiency complying with the greenhouse emission norms. It basically increases the intake air density to improve the power produced per engine cycle.

For a power hike, you have to depend on those aftermarket modifications. Let’s see what are those mods that can give your F150 an upper hand.

Possible Upgrades:

  • Cold Air intakes

Ideally, the more the air intake to an engine, the more the power output would be. If it’s to increase the power, changing air intakes will suffice to some extent. There are many options in the market available such as the Magnum Force Pro 5R Stage-2 intake system which claims an additional 25 bhp and 30 ft.-lbs. of torque increase over the stock filter.

aFe, the manufacturer features a 3-angle filter adapter in the system, which pushes the air velocity inside the system for improved throttle response and to eliminate that turbo lag. The 16-gauge heat shield and heat-insulating black powder-coated intake tube keep the air as cold and dense as possible inside the system.

aFe’s Classic Stage 2 Pro GUARD 7 air intake system has been a game-changer exhaust with an H pipe balance tube. In a way, it improves the turbo response. It is also equipped with a heat shield to keep the air cold and dense to reap all the profits.

  • Cat-back exhausts

Getting rid of the exhaust gases sooner means you will have more room for the bigger air intake charge. Replacing the stock exhaust with a larger diameter one could do the trick. It will remove the restrictions in the stock exhaust, improving the power and peak torque output.

The free-flowing muffler will ensure your turbo is cramming more air into the engine. Moreover, it will tune that exhaust note to your pleasing. Who wouldn’t want aggressive performance music out of their machine’s exhaust? Most users go for a dual exit cat-back exhaust kit over a single exit cat-back exhaust for the very same reason.

  • Y pipes

Like cat backs, they also have a mandrel-bent design intended to improve the exhaust airflow. To make it road legal or to meet the emission norms they also incorporate an additional cat con ( catalytic converter). While It adds some weight, it doesn’t limit the power you wanted.

They also have a stainless steel and aluminum steel finish for those who are very particular about power drop. The merge collector ensures the turbulence is eliminated as seen in the stock set-up and the airflow is improved.

  • Intercooler

The intercooler is the unit that will pull down the exhaust air temperature to be taken into the turbo. The cooler the air taken into the turbo better is its efficiency. So, if you can replace the stock intercooler with a much more efficient one, you are gonna get a power jump.

To be technical, an efficient intercooler can outflow the OE tube-and-fin core design, which drops the outlet flow temperatures. As a result, cooler and denser air reaches the turbo.

  • Intercooler pipes

If you decide against replacing the turbo, there is another way around. While the results will not be the same, you can expect a minor increase in power.

The intercooler charge pipe is 3-3.5 inches in diameter shaped like a mandrel bent pipe. The idea is to increase the diameter to increase the volume of air taken into the Turbo. The more air gets into the Turbo, the better performance the engine can offer.

  • Throttle body

Another way of achieving the power boost is by replacing the stock throttle body with the one offering a higher flow rate. It is relatively easy to install, giving you a 10+ bhp increase in a matter of minutes.

  • Programmer chips

Programmer chips will remap the stock tuning setup including the fuelling rate, air intake, and everything that runs the engine. This yields a better fuel economy and increased power. It is a diagnostic tool as well.

To sum up

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