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2011-2014 F150 Ecoboost S&B Cold Air Intake Kit

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Part Number: sb-75-5067
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Breathe easy. Your engine& warranty are protected.TM

Add power and fun while still protecting your investment.

ISO 5011 FiltrationTesting.

A mountain of dust and our 1/2 million dollar lab is how far we've goneto make sure your engine is protected.
OEM grade fit and finish.

The S&B intake fits snugly with the stock air box providingroom for a large performance filter.

New silicone filters.

Silicone's elasticity allows for a superior seal on the intake tube.With no oily residue, the filter won't slide off the tube or requireyou to wash your hands. This filter can endure temperatures up to 400Fwithout cracking and boasts high tear strength.

Built tough. Built to last

Our silicone couplers have exceptional tear strength while maintainingelasticity to allow for engine movement.

First of its kind.

Unique silicone cuff allows tube to pass through the air box. Thisisolates vibration and engine movement while keeping out unwantedengine heat. S&B is the first company to implement this designproficiently.

Bigger & Betterthan OE.

The stock inlet is small and restrictive. We custom molded a rubberinlet with a generous radius to reduce the restriction of air as itenters the intake box. A 48% improvement over stock.

Cleanable or dry filters.You pick.

We offer this intake with two types of filters: silicone (cleanable) ordry (disposable). Since you are not sacrificing performance with eitherchoice, the decision comes down to would you rather throw away thefilter or clean it. The part numbers for intakes with a dry filter endwith 'D'.
One Kit Fits All ModelYears.

Our competitors have multiple part numbers to cover 2011-14 modelyears. The S&B intake comes with both MAF and Pressure Sensormounting hardware, so you can fit all the model years with only oneintake part number.