Getting More Power Out of Your C8 | Procharger

Are you that C8 owner who feels like having an extra boost to short your running time? Or someone who has lost your patience waiting for the upcoming 2021 Chevrolet C8 Corvette? If so, we call people like you the real Corvette enthusiasts. They are people who can’t live with that 495 HP engine, still greedy for more.

The 2021 model Corvette have been announced as an upgrade to the eighth-gen models, but they haven’t seen the limelight yet. All thanks to the pandemic grip and the stringent global car making policies. It was rumoured to have a higher performance engine and to slot between the regular C8 Stingray and the upcoming C8 ZR1. Twin-turbocharged and related to the mill in the race-spec C8 R engine have been mouth-watering to fans and its aggressive body design becoming the cherry on top.

Tragically, Chevrolet is yet to make an official statement about the future. This has left us with no option but to be that over-eager, greedy C8 owner digging for more power.

For those who are still ignorant about its potential, your garage queen makes 490 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque. She is powered by a 6.2 Litre LT2 V-8 heart to pull her in a flash. Some cars produce a massive hp and nominal torque which likes to be always in that red zone. But it isn’t the case here. She pulls you in all rev ranges that the dynamometer she is connected to can show. That’s how beautiful she is.

What we love is to transform this beauty into a beast who can disappear altogether. Yes, we admit we are neither happy with her 0-60 readings nor with her 194 mph top end she can attain with that 8-speed gearbox she is mated to. The normal ones will go with an additional turbocharger kit. But we are not normal, right? We are over-ambitious and will think beyond that. Yes, we are talking about that mightiest power that our machine can generate.

How much power hype do you expect? 5%? 10%? We are talking about a whopping 40% increase in power output that translates to about 200 hp on an average from its LT2. We wrote it and you read it right. It is the supercharger turbo that makes the impossible look so easy. With a legacy of boosting Corvettes since C4, the expertise pooled has made Prochargers the front runners of the game.

What do you get with Prochargers?

Prochargers are the most recommended manufacturers when it comes to offering supercharger intercooled kits for the Corvettes. They have three variants on offer for the Corvette owners to choose from depending on their aspirations. Let us have a peep into details of what they have to present before us.

  • HO intercooled tuner

With a power boost, it produces the largest power jump but gives out the coolest charge air temperature. They advocate bolt installation which is one of the easiest methods. No unwanted screwing, cutting or trimming will disturb the aesthetics. The air to water intercooler ensures that the charge air temps are kept under check. The billets and the billet bracket system from CNC is part of the package. Moreover, the head is self-contained.

  • HO intercooled tuner kit Plus

Dyna tests have reported a 6 psi rise in boost that corresponds to a 180+ hp increase from the stock set up. The mad power it generates makes it the right choice to make. Apart from the base package it also includes a timing control.

  • Stage II intercooled tuner kit

We have talked about the right fit. What will be the best fit? It’s this stage II tuner kit that boosts up to 9psi and a corresponding 225hp power. This makes the engine best to raw as the inlet manifold can be outfitted with port injection.

 If you are looking for more information on Procahrger and its technical specification, they have it listed on their official website.

We know there is nothing to choose between these two. The question is are you mad or insane? That will be the better pair of options to choose from. Well, if you have made up your mind, the next obvious question would be on where to get your Procharger from? Don’t worry, for market performance has you covered here. With more than 20 years of experience in providing top of the line service and quality performance parts and accessories to enthusiasts, market performance can be your one-stop solution.

But the problem is no one will stop here. It’s always tempting to have a look at the additional upgrades list of Prochargers. Let’s have a look.

What are their optional upgrades?

With the engine boost packages, they also offer some optional upgrades that fit well with the flow. No one wants a raw touch over a blacked one.

  • Polished/ Black supercharger.
  • Black finish for intake manifold in place of raw finish as stock
  • Black finish for intake manifold cover in place of raw finish as stock
  • P-1X, D-1SC and D-1X supercharger upgrades
  • Carbon fibre upgrades
  • bracket finish
  • Helical Gear Set for reducing noise.
  • Injector bungs and fuel rail for an intake manifold for stage II.

All these could be available at best prices at a tap away at make performance, a leading and trusted online market space. They have a dedicated section for the Corvette enthusiasts like you who wakes up every morning thinking of a new mod. They offer free and timely delivery of their products to almost every state. The proper customer care support takes care of all those glitches and complaints which build trust and worth.

Adding the tuner kits, it’s the cake of Prochargers. But that’s not the end, right? We also demand a suitable accessories list including the exhaust kit, the cat cons, suspension, drivetrain etc. You don’t have to wander a lot. It’s all available at makperformance. We would appreciate it if you could pay some attention to all those accessories offered at the best price in the market.