Must-know Benefits of Nitrous Setup for your Ford

History of Nitrous setup

Nitrous Oxide was initially used in internal combustion aircraft engines as early as World War 2. Used in combination with aviation fuel, nitrous oxide was found to have positive performance-boosting results, especially at higher altitudes. At such heights, with thinner air and reduced oxygen, the impact of nitrous oxide was considered really great.

However, reports also suggest the use of nitrous oxide as a recreational activity gas or ‘laughing gas’ back in 1772. Later, its benefits extended to being used as an anesthetic as well.

In the present day, it is used as a wonder product by Mustang owners and speed enthusiasts for a multitude of applications across the racing industry. It is commonly regarded as an off-highway, racing component. Although it is not intended to be used on public roads, the legalities differ state-wise.


Uses of Nitrous Kits

The nitrous setup is capable of being installed in any and every type of vehicle. Highly preferred for its cost-effectiveness, the nitrous kit is considered competitive over and above other similar setups such as turbo system and supercharger.

Nitrous is commonly used for naturally aspirated engines in addition to being preferred for boosted engines. It is also a perfect fit for the non-aspirated engines by providing a highly rated "oomph" factor. 


Although the nitrous setup is suitable for most vehicles, it is still advisable to contact the manufacturer to enquire about any additional modifications required to be done to the motor. Moreover, it is also noted that nitrous is not ‘street legal’ everywhere, certain states do not permit its road use. Therefore, before you purchase or install a nitrous system into your Mustang for a speed boost, it is a must to confirm the same through local authorities.


How should Nitrous setup be used?

It is best to use Nitrous in small spurts. Ideally, these should not be over 10 seconds at a time. The reason doing so is important is the fact that it minimizes unwanted damages to the motor. In addition, the extra force derived out of the nitrous kits can instead, blow up your engine as well.

Most typically, a nitrous bottle lasts up to 120 seconds or 12 sprays. As the bottle level reduces, a reduction in the power can be felt. 

The nitrous is ejected into your Ford’s engine, with this action being called a nitrous shot. This shot can be of varying amounts, depending on the desired horsepower.

This can be better understood through an example. For instance, if the engine is given a hundred shots, this would be equal to an additional 100 flywheel horsepower over and above the horsepower otherwise derived from the engine. 

Advantages of Nitrous setups for your Ford:

  1. A properly installed nitrous setup used in short bursts (not longer than 15 seconds) is highly safe and secure.

  2. Perfectly manufactured nitrous bottles are equipped with a pressure safety disc that releases the nitrous gas before it reaches the explosive level.

  3. The installation of a nitrous system is not at all difficult. The kit contains detailed instructions which can also be explained by your performance shop.

  4. The installation of your nitrous kit will only require the most basic, essential tools including a hand drill, screwdriver, adjustable wrench, and wire stripper/crimper.

  5. A nitrous kit is considered one of the easiest, affordable, and most effective ways to add power to your Mustang.

  6. The installation process can be carried out in less than a day at your home garage or driveway.

However, certain things must be considered before you go all praises for the nitrous system, as mentioned below:

  1. Horsepower increase that can be well handled by the engine
    Fact: A large V8 can handle more horsepower than a small 4 cylinder engine.

  2. Horsepower increase that can be handled by the fuel system
    Fact: A supplemental fuel pump may be needed to be installed.

  3. The ability of the ECU to be tuned in the car
    Fact: Higher horsepower levels may require tuning, such as ignition timing retard.

Given the wide benefits of nitrous setups, it is also important to understand the few disadvantages that may arise from installing a nitrous kit.


Disadvantages of nitrous setups:

  1.  If the oxygen level is increased in the combustion chamber, it can result in serious damage to the engine. This happens when the air-fuel ratio becomes too lean.
  2. Certain problems that can arise as a result of faulty nitrous setup include incorrect wire gauge, wrong connections, weak grounds, etc.
  3. One ought to be really careful about the quality of wiring and connections used. Commonly reported problems include improper crimps, faulty wire engagements, and low-quality connections that get hidden under a robust terminal4. Extra attention needs to be given to choosing t-taps and scotch locks. 
  4. Another great disadvantage is the too much ignition advance that results from the installation of the nitrous kit.

Nevertheless, the benefits or pros of using a nitrous system for your Ford are far more advantageous than its insignificant disadvantages or cons. In fact, most of these cons are only related to the supporting material which is used for the installation and running of the nitrous system in your Mustang.

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