1. aFe ProGuard D2 Fluid Filters Oil F/F OIL Ford F-150 15-17 V6-3.5L (TT)

aFe ProGuard D2 Fluid Filters Oil F/F OIL Ford F-150 15-17 V6-3.5L (TT)

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Part Number: AFE-44-lf038

aFe POWER Pro GUARD HD Oil Filters deliver increased flow and efficiency that are demanded in today's vehicles. These oil filters utilize a high performance synthetic media for maximum filtration with minimal flow restriction and are tested to ISO 4548-12. Each canister features a 3/8" ratchet drive for easy removal and is constructed from high strength steel. Direct OE replacement filter for Motorcraft FL500S (Ford AA5Z6714AA, AA5Z6714AB) and AC Delco PF63 (GM 12690385, 19330000, 89017525).

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2016-2019CadillacATS-VV6 3.6LGas
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