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aFe MACHForce XP Exhausts Cat-Back SS-304 EXH w/ Polished Tips 15-16 Ford Mustang EcoBoost 2.3L (t)

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Part Number: AFE-49-33084-P

aFe POWER is proud to introduce a Mach Force-Xp cat-back exhaust system for the Ford Mustang EcoBoost with the I4-2.3L (t) engine. In recent testing, this system produced +16 horsepower and +17 lbs. x ft. of torque on our in house dyno. This cat-back exhaust system utilizes 3" into 2-1/2" tubing with a clamp-on reduction tube to fit the stock connections. Remove them and combine with the aFe POWER Twisted Steel down-pipes (P/N: 48-33017-HC or 48-33017-HN) for added flow and performance. This system incorporates dual, high-flow mufflers to improve performance across the power band while maintaining an aggressive sound. To finish off the exhaust, dual 4" diameter high-luster polished 304 stainless steel tips are included. This system includes hardware for a hassle-free installation.

Aggressive Sound:
Dual free-flowing mufflers are used to absorb high pitch tones producing a powerful sound and unleashing all available horsepower and torque.

Y-Pipe w/Mitered Split:
This MACH Force-Xp cat-back includes a y-pipe with a mitered split which eliminates dead space that can cause turbulence and hinder flow that formed collectors are prone to produce.

Leak-Free Seal:
High quality band clamps are used for a complete 360 degree sealing surface.

Dual 304 SS Tips:
Finishing off this unique exhaust system are dual, aFe laser etched, 4" diameter, polished 304 stainless steel tips for an aggressive style.

Removable Reduction Pipes:
Reduction pipes are included to fit the factory exhaust. They can be removed to combine with the aFe Twisted Steel down-pipes for increased flow and performance (P/N: 48-33017-HC or 48-33017-HN).

Fitment Note:
This system will only fit 2-Door coupe models

Emissions Disclaimer:
This product does not require a CARB EO#

All aFe exhaust systems are engineered and manufactured in our Corona, California facility.


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