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aFe Atlas Exhausts 4in Cat-Back Aluminized Steel Exhaust Sys 2015 Ford F-150 V6 3.5L (tt) Black Tip

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Your Price: $581.00
Part Number: AFE-49-03069-B

Mandrel-Bent Tubing:
This system is constructed from 4" 100% MIG-welded mandrel-bent aluminized steel tubing for maximum flow. The smooth transition bents allow for low turbulence, increasing horsepower, torque and improving throttle response.

Aggressive Sound:
A free-flowing 21" single-in/dual-out stainless-steel muffler is used to absorb high pitch tones producing a powerful sound and unleashing all available horsepower and torque.

Leak-Free Seal:
High quality OE-style flange and band clamps are used for a complete 360-degree sealing surface eliminating leak paths.

Perfect Fit:
This ATLAS exhaust system use all factory mounting locations and is supplied with an OE hanger for the perfect fit and finish. OE-style bayonet hangers are used to maintain a stable pipe location during high vibration and high heat conditions. The bayonet tip holds the hanger bushing in place for an OE-style fit that does not change with time. Each system comes with a OE style isolation mount.

Wrinkle-Black Tip:
The system is finished off with a powder-coated wrinkle-black tip. The tip comes with a laser-cut aFe POWER badge for an aggressive style.

Fits Wheelbase: CC/SB Super Crew/ 5.5' ft. Bed (145"); EC/SB Super Cab/ 6.5' ft. Bed

Emissions Disclaimer:
This product does not require a CARB EO# (CARB Aftermarket Parts Verification Guidelines).

All aFe POWER exhaust systems are engineered and manufactured in our Corona, California facility.


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