The all new Procharger P1X on the MAK S550 Mustang

Posted by [email protected] on 3/6/2017 to Project S550
The MAK S550 is now equipped with the all new Procharger P1X headunit. See the results at the jump. 

Making over 700RWHP on E85

Posted by [email protected] on 10/20/2016 to Project S550
We push our Procharged 2015 Mustang GT to over 700RWHP with 10PSI and E85. The car was featured in the Nov 2016 Issue of Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords.

DSS 1400HP Axle Install

Posted by [email protected] on 4/22/2015 to Project S550
 To hold up to the track duty that we would be doing with our 2015 Mustang we knew the number one drivetrain upgrade had to be the Halfshafts. We opted for the 1400HP versions so we did not have to worry about these in the future because it quickly became apparent that 800HP maybe easily surpassed with this new s550 platform. 

Introducing the MAK Performance S550 Mustang GT

Posted by Administrator on 10/18/2014 to Project S550
We just received our 2015 Mustang GT 6 speed manual. Just a quick post to make the announcement.