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AWE Tuning 2015+ Ford F-150 Resonated Performance Mid Pipe

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Performance Mid Pipes

Want to take it up a notch? Good, we hoped you would. Ditch the factory front suitcase resonator and turn your 0FG in to a full catback with a 3”, straight-through Performance Mid Pipe, available in both resonated or non-resonated versions.

Both AWE Performance Mid Pipes increase the volume of the 0FG Exhaust. Looking for more raw aggression? Go non-resonated. If you’re looking for an aggressive, yet sophisticated increase over the “base” 0FG’s volume, go resonated. 

Performance Mid Pipe important fitment notes (you should definitely read this, too):

An adapter for various wheelbases are included with each Performance Mid Pipe. If you have a 122” wheelbase model (i.e. Regular Cab with 5.5 ft. bed), please contact us here for fitment information.