7 Best Mods for Your Ford Mustang

Never settle. That’s a concept that anyone who appreciates the thrill of driving a fast car should understand. Just look at Ford Motors for an example. They introduced the Mustang in 1964 and sold a million vehicles within two years. Even with the model’s success, they continued to tweak the design over time.

The manufacturer is now on their sixth generation of the Ford Mustang, much different from the original model. Of course, this is partly to keep up with changing tastes and new technologies. Still, they didn’t cruise on nostalgia. They continued to innovate, even going back to square one every so often. They never settled.

Many customers took that ethos a step further, deciding that they were not content with the factory model. They develop Mustang mods to enhance the capabilities of their rides. If you want to push the envelop with your own car, here are a few worth checking out.

MAK Performance Budget Boost Supercharger

Here at MAK Performance, we sell plenty of fantastic Mustang mods from a variety of designers and manufacturers. We also create our own, with the same quality standards that we use to determine what we offer from others. One that we’re particularly proud of is the Budget Boost Supercharger.

The name comes from the pricing, which is highly affordable compared to most others of its kind. The low cost is no indication of its excellent performance, brought to you by the ProCharger HO system and P1X boost. With all these qualities plus simple installation, it’s an excellent introduction to the world of Mustang mods.

ProCharger HO Intercooled Complete System

The Mustang GT blazed into legend as Steve McQueen’s choice of vehicle for one of the all-time greatest cinematic car chases, in 1968’s Bullitt. Now try to imagine what a modern Mustang GT with the latest tech can do. That performance can be exponentially improved with a ProCharger HO Intercooled Complete System.

Designed for models from 2018 to 2020, this high-powered system will give your vehicle a serious boost and 200 extra horsepower. It boasts a shared six-rib drive system and a large air-to-air intercooler. Installation is simple. Maintenance is simpler still: you can change out the belt and pulley without going through the trouble of removing the supercharger.

Hellion Street Sleeper

Don’t let the name fool you — the Hellion Street Sleeper is no slouch. This terrific twin-turbo kit can significantly propel the performance of a Mustang GT. That vehicle’s base system already reaches an impressive 460 horsepower on its own. The Street Sleeper can extend it to a maximum of 2000 HP. The boost is also adjustable, ranging from five to 40 pounds.

On top of everything, Hellion designed the kit as a “bolt-on system.” Its form makes it easy to install, requiring less than a day in the garage. It even hides within the hood. With all these pluses, no Mustang mod enthusiast should sleep on it.

Airaid Race Cold Air Intake

Mustang mods go beyond superchargers. Just about any car component can be replaced with an add-on that gives it superior performance. For example, external air intake systems can bring much more air, and much cooler air, into the engine compartment than the factory version. The engine can produce far more power as a result.

This sort of system is the specialty of Airaid, and their Airaid Race Cold Air Intake is an excellent take on the concept. If you can’t shell out for a supercharger, just bolt one on and watch your horsepower go up. It’s perfect for competitive drivers or anyone with a need for speed.

Ford Racing 5.3L Modular Stroker Short Block

Mustang mod culture is so big that even the original manufacturer can’t escape its pull. Ford engineers are just as keen to improve on the performance as Ford customers. One advantage they have over others is the ability to create a replacement engine that not only works, but works better.

That’s the big idea behind the Ford Racing 5.3L Modular Stroker Short Block. It’s based on the 4.6L Modular Short Block, but bored and stroked even deeper. Features include a fresh high-pressure oil pump, powerful Mahle pistons, a new forged Eagle crankshaft, and more. Better yet, it offers greater durability and better performance than your current engine.

Ford Racing 2.3L EcoBoost High Performance Turbo

Where you stand on the “superchargers vs. turbochargers” debate is important to joining the Mustang mods scene. Both have their pros and cons. Superchargers offer zero lag and less maintenance. Meanwhile, turbochargers are designed to pull in more air, provide more power, and use up less fuel.

If turbochargers sound more like your style, then we recommend Ford Racing 2.3L EcoBoost High Performance Turbo upgrades. The kit comes with a 50mm wheel turbine and a larger compressor wheel. When installed and used together, these components can turn your 2015-2020 EcoBoost Mustang into a real powerhouse on wheels.

Hellion Complete Twin Turbo System

Hellion does not miss with their work, nor with an opportunity. 2015 saw the start of a new and improved Mustang GT design. This mods maker quickly got to work on bringing out the vehicle’s full potential. The result is the remarkable Hellion Complete Twin Turbo System, also known as Eliminator.

Its horsepower range stretches from 500 to 1200, thanks to its pairs of Precision billet 62mm turbochargers and Turbosmart VEE port bypass valves. With a V-band inlet and no need for body cutting, you can set it up quickly and go even quicker. They don’t call it “complete” for nothing.

Shop for the Best Ford Mustang Mods

All these and more exciting Mustang mods are available right here at MAK Performance Group’s official online store. We offer replacement and enhancement parts for many different aspects of your vehicle, from the exhaust to the brakes to the engine. That even includes Mustang GT superchargers and Mustang GT turbo kits. Price can be a major obstacle to enjoying this pastime, so we strive to offer fair prices on everything. For those who never settle for anything less than the best, MAK Performance Group welcomes you.