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2018-2020 Mustang GT LTH TRUDUAL Cat Back Exhaust System

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Part Number: lth-FDCB00006

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OEM parts often times are designed for efficiency of manufacturing, cutting costs and driver comfort. Unfortunately performance is often not a priority – as seen on the very restrictive factory axle back setup on the 5.0L Mustang motor.

LTH has developed a high-performance cat back exhaust system for the 5.0L motor found in the Ford Mustang.

Designed using the latest in CCM and CAD technology the cat back is a masterpiece. The end goal of aggressive sound along with drone-free cruising has been achieved with the LTH cat back.

Key Features

  • Custom designed mufflers for superior sound quality
  • Titan™ finish for added durability
  • Modular design allows for use with OEM components
  • Developed for best balance of low end and top end power.
  • Precision designed for perfect fitment.
  • Manufactured in house in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty, as always

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