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2018-2020 F-150 5.0L MAK Level 3 Return Style Fuel System(Dual Regulators)

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MAK Performance Level 3 Return Style Fuel System for 2018+ 5.0L F150

Capable of supporting 1000+HP on Ethanol, 1200HP on Non-Ethanol Race Fuels. 

Our MAK Performance Level 3 Fuel System is designed precisely to cater to the fueling needs of a Gen3 Coyote. Aside from increasing fuel volume via larger fuel lines and fuel rails, we also keep priority feeding the HPFP in the vehicle at all times. Many aftermarket systems disregard that the High Pressure side of the GEN 3 Coyote must not only be constantly fed, but is much more sensitive to changes in volume or pressure than the Low Pressure side. For that reason we come out of the in-tank pumps and head straight into the HPFP before feeding the Port Injection side of the system. Our Dual Regulator Level 3 setup allows you to keep a staic pressure on your HPFP, but boost reference the Port Injection as needed depending on your power levels. Our level 3 system comes with everything needed for a clean and proper installation and only uses the highest quality materials to ensure longevity in your High Performance High Horsepower F-150.

*Beware of other less expensive fuel system that do not use ethanol safe materials in their components. Ethanol is very corrosive and will in short time deteriorate ANYTHING that is not designed to be exposed to it. 

  • Drop-In Dual 450LPH Fuel Pump Module
  • Dual Fuel Pressure Regulators w/ Guages
  • -8AN PTFE Fuel Hose for Feed and Return
  • Billet 50mm Fuel Filter Housing with Stainless 10 Micron Element and Mounting Bracket
  • Billet Fuel Rails
  • All Electrical Components and Materials to Complete the Installation

All Systems are Built to order and take 2-3weeks to be assembled and shipped!