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2015-2017 Mustang GT RAM Force 10.5 Twin Disc Clutch Kit

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RAM clutches builds dual disc clutches for the fastest Pro Stock and Pro Mod race cars in the country!  Now you can have this technology for your street car with the RAM Street Dual.  You want to drive your car, and this clutch offers incredibly smooth engagement yet holds in excess or 1000 horsepower.  The RAM Street Dual is a must for applications using big power adders or superchargers, or just a moderate powered street car that needs a smooth engagement.  System includes pressure plate, discs, floater plate, and aluminum flywheel.  Units are balanced to factory specifications and ready to install.  For more race oriented applications, choose the 900 series disc upgrade package.  Exclusively from RAM, made in the USA.

One of our most popular tech questions is why should I use a dual disc in my car?  In the past you only had a couple of options to increase the holding power of your clutch system. You could increase the static pressure, or clamp load of the clutch.  This helps the holding power but can result in a heavier pedal effort.  You could use a more aggressive friction material on the disc, but this can result in chatter on takeoff if you gearing is too tall (low numerically).  Centrifugal weights are the solution offered by one of our competitors.  The problem with this method is that it only addresses high torque at high RPM, and the bulk of the street applications we encounter make their torque at a lower RPM.

A dual disc clutch addresses all of these issues by providing a lighter pedal effort and using an organic friction material that gives you a smooth engagement.  And the real bonus?  An incredible amount of holding power over even the highest level of single disc clutch!

We see many customers now that have high power combinations in later model cars, and they have expectations of the car driving more like it did when it was stock, yet will hold their newfound horsepower.  RAM Force 9.5 and Force 10.5 dual disc clutches give you the ability to achieve this smooth engagement.  This is certainly not limited to high power cars lower power level users that want great driveabilty can benefit greatly and see much improved life over single disc clutches.

For higher horsepower applications, the Force

10.5 dual disc is the natural choice. Based on the design of the original RAM Street Dual, Force 10.5

is more street friendly by using a three strap system

to locate the floater plate. This eliminates floater

plate rattle that is common on stand driven dual

disc clutches. A high clamp load pressure plate assures plenty of holding power without excessive pedal pressure. Steel backed 300 series facing

mean smooth engagement on takeoff and insure

long service life. For higher torque capacities, the

Force 10.5N features the proven RAM 900 series metallic facings. Force 10.5 dual disc systems

handle bigger torque loads and are a bit heavier

than their smaller cousins. This higher inertia translates into better low speed driveability in

heavier vehicles, or in large camshaft profile applications. If you are bolting on a larger blower or turbo system, Force 10.5 may be the best choice for you.