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2015-2017 Mustang GT Eibach Sport-Plus Suspension System

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Step Up to the Performance of SPORT-PLUS and Save 10% All Eibach Systems and Suspension Packages Include a 10% discount over buying individual kits. SPORTLINE + ANTI-ROLL-KIT = SPORT-PLUS Performance Springs and Sway Bars = Superior Handling for the Serious Enthusiast Stop Quicker, Corner Faster and Better MPG!* Simple Bolt-On, No Modifications: Install, Set the Alignment and Carve Million-Mile Warranty If you crave the corners - the Eibach SPORT-PLUS delivers. The Eibach SPORT-PLUS handling packages include our legendary Eibach SPORTLINE springs along with the matching ANTI-ROLL-KIT Sway Bars. The Eibach SPORTLINE spring kit lowers your car's center of gravity, reducing squat during acceleration, body roll in corners and excessive nose-dive under braking. Add the Eibach ANTI-ROLL-KIT Sway Bars - with increased design stiffness over stock Sway Bars - and you get pure, balanced-handling perfection. With the Eibach SPORT-PLUS installed you will immediately experience precise turn-in response, improved handling and cornering grip - in any performance-driving situation. The Eibach SPORT-PLUS works well with both factory or aftermarket performance dampers and shock absorbers. * Your results may vary. As we have learned from racing and independent testing has proved - lowering your car or truck's ride height also improves your aerodynamic efficiency by forcing more air over the car and less underneath (where most of the drag is found on any vehicle), resulting in higher top speeds on the track and better MPG on the highway.