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This 2015 Ford Mustang 2.3L Ecoboost dual valve kit with adjustable mounting bracket is the perfect fit for your engine bay. With it's extremely efficient compact design and Incredible Looks. We went the extra mile to ensure you get the best quality components. This kit is 100% Modular and can be fully disassembled to be emptied and cleaned with the a few pushes of a button and the can can be unscrewed in second and emptied.

Utilizing Goodyear Braided Hose and Billet Hose Ends to give you the Strongest and Best Performing Setup Possible. No cheap stock lines here that have been cut and spliced on! Featuring the New UPR Plug N Play Catch Can Fittings. So you can empty the it without removing the intake cover or catch can lines from your engine. (UPR Exclusive Push Button Fittings)

We have hundreds of hours testing our new 4 Stage Oil Separator to ensure the claims and results will exceed your expectations. We even double the size of the oil containment chamber. The design of this unit is more along the lines of a True Engineer and cannot be compared or confused with units that have side by inlets and outlets with screen rolled up and shoved in them. The 4 chamber technology in UPR catch cans captures and filters all the oil vapor and trash from getting into your air intake tract. That's the most important reason for a catch can in the first place!

Manufactured from Domestic T-6 6061 Aluminum bar stock and finished off using only the best Diamond cutters to exceed your expectations of what a superior product should fit and look like.

UPR is the largest aftermarket catch can manufacturer in the country. Continually improving our designs to stay ahead of the competition and give you the cutting edge technology of tomorrow today. We are so confident we offer an unconditional warranty on our products to let you know you can always count on UPRproducts.


» Show Quality Finish
» Can measures 2.5" x 6"
» Prevents Oil from Entering Intake
» Exclusive 4 Stage Design Traps Oil
» Innovative Diffuser Tube and Chamber
» High Quality CNC Machined Billet Aluminum
» Plug N Play fittings at Catch Can connections
» 5/8" Oil Resistant Goodyear Braided Hose included
» Innovative Adjustable Mounting Bracket (360° Rotation)
» Improves Fuel Economy, Throttle Response & Performance
» Available in Satin, Polished or Black - Select Finish Above

Installs in 15 Mins


What is the most important reason to go with a UPR Dual Valve Catch Can System over a Single Valve on your Ecoboost Mustang?

A Single Valve Catch Can will do a good job. But because the PCV will still be able to push air/oil backwards out the unprotected side through your intake stream it will not be able to function properly. Reducing Performance and MPG at WOT.

The UPR Dual Valve Catch Can System will do the best job because it will not only protect your system while cruising. It has the second valve to rely on during WOT. When your engine goes into boost it will be able to provide a very strong vacuum for crankcase evacuation improving MPG and Overall Performance.

This is something that a Single Valve or Twin Catch Can System will never be able to do. When they are under WOT they both just pressurize the crankcase and allow pressure to be on top and on bottom of the piston. The key is protect your engine and make it more efficient not less. This is why vacuum pumps are so effective because they are under constant one direction suction controlling the direction the oil flows.

This is the same thing as a Dual Valve Catch Can System accomplishes by having the UPR WOT Dual Valve Setup. So when the engine goes into boost the intake tube gets pressurized and closes the check valve and stops you from boosting your catch can and crankcase, resulting in higher boost and more power. Now the WOT line becomes active utilizing the vacuum from the inlet side of the turbo creating a stronger vacuum to compensate for the extra scavenging and oil control needed.

This is the only way to provide the proper evacuation throughout the RPM range with turbo's and supercharger's. These systems are the only choice on the Ecoboost platform for optimum results and performance.