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2012-2014 Ecoboost F150 AFE MagnumFORCE Polished Air Intake System "NEW DESIGN"

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This Stage 2 air Intake system produces an impressive 25 horsepower and 30lbs. x ft. torque!  This system uses a massive 5-1/2"washable/reusable air filter which connects to a durable 16-gauge heatshield that mounts quickly to the factory airbox increasing airflowover the stock air intake system. A 3-angle filter adapter increasesair velocity after the air filter for improved performance and throttleresponse. The polished intake tube uses a split tube design that allowsthe twin turbos to equally share the increased air flow using a miteredtransition. This design decreases turbulence and increases velocityresulting in increased horsepower and torque.

ManifoldAir Pressure Sensor:
In 2012 Ford began using a different style Manifold Air Pressure (MAP)sensor. This intake is designed specifically to be used with thefactory MAP sensor. 
5-1/2" Conical Filter with Inverted Top:
This intake utilizes a huge, 5-1/2" oval conical Pro 5R performance airfilter with inverted top for maximum flow. This 5-layer progressive,oiled cotton gauze air filter provides maximum flow for increasedhorsepower and torque.

TopMounted Heat Shield Design:
aFe developed this heat shield to snap onto the top of the lower halfof the factory air box to provide a hassle-free installationutilizing  factory mounting locations.

The  3-angle adaptor is used to speed up the air flow afterthe air filter for improved performance and throttle response.

Note: Thisintake fits the 2012-2014 models only. It does not fit the 2011.