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2011-2014 F-150 3.5L/3.7L/5.0L Airaid Cold Air Dam Intake System

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FORD F-150 PICKUP  2011-2013 V6 3.5L, V6 3.7L, V85.0L


It is a proven scientific fact that cold air is denser than hot air,which means that an engine breathing cold air is going to make morepower than the identical engine breathing hot air. The quest for coldair is what drives the AIRAID® Cold Air Dam Intakes. The CAD Intakesretain the stock filter location but give the stock intake system a bigboost with the addition of a huge air inlet that provides a steady,free-flowing supply of cold air. This is done via Cold Air Dam panels,which mount in the factory air box location and utilize any factorycold air inlet ducts that are present, while adding additional cold airpassages to the filter. These panels also keep the filter isolated fromthe hot engine compartment air by sealing to the underside of the hoodvia blade-style weatherstripping. Each AIRAID® Cold Air Dam Intake isdesigned specifically for each vehicle application and offers a simple,trouble-free installation using simple hand tools. Like the rest of theAIRAID® systems, the CAD Intakes are Made in the USA and include allthe necessary