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2011-2014 Ecoboost F150 Superchips Vivid Linq Performance Tuner

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VIVID LINQ - Ford Ecoboost is an industry leading tuner for trucks, Jeeps and performance cars delivering maximum horsepower, torque and world class drivability for your vehicle. Linq uses Android operating systems 2.2 or higher to provide a simple yet effective user interface to make tuning a snap. Tune for high performance, heavy load towing, fuel economy or uses all from your Android phone or tablet. Your phone will also display digital gauge readouts give you real-time info from your vehicles computer. VIVID Linq syncs wirelessly with your vehicle using the included Bluetooth dongle. 50-state emissions legal. Covers most applications up to 2012. Power Gains - +54.0 HP & +45.0 lb-ft Speedometer Correction Performance Tests Tire Size - 28^ - 40^ Axle Gear Ratio Shift Points Shift Firmness Speed Limiter Adjust Fan Data Acquisition - Advanced + PIDS Internet Updateable DTC Read & Clear Display True Speed On Monitor Color Touch Screen Display Screen Auto-Dim Alerts And Records Performance Tune(s) Tow Tune Economy Tune