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2011-2012 Ecoboost F-150 Turbosmart Wastegate Actuators

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Your Price: $276.99
Retail Price:$306.99
Your Savings:$30.00(10%)
Part Number: tbs-ts-0622-4052
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Fits: 2011 2012 F-150 3.5L TT Ecoboost

*Does not fit 2013 Ecoboost F-150

Turbosmart s Internal Wastegate Actuators are quickly becoming one ofthe hottest boost-control products on the market. Turbosmart s actuatorhas a much larger working area than your stock actuator, which allowsthe fitment of more robust, heavier duty springs. This means you getmuch more control over boost. The boost curve comes on faster, staysflat, and because the Turbosmart actuator is less susceptible toexhaust back pressure, there is less drop-off at the end. To put itsimply, with a Turbosmart IWG-75 you get more boost, earlier, and itstays strong for longer than your stock actuator could ever hope toachieve.

Let s go over that again: More Boost. Earlier. For Longer. That,combined with the ability to swap springs and tailor your boost levels,means you simply can t lose. That s why Turbosmart s motto isEngineered to WIN!