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2009-2013 F150/Raptor Recon Clear Projector Headlights w/ LED Halos

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Your Price: $549.95
Part Number: rcn-264190cl
Ford Raptor & Ford F150 09-13 PROJECTOR HEADLIGHTS w LED Halos & DRLs - Clear / Chrome RECON Projector 09-13 F150 Headlights are sold as a set & the low-beam & high-beam uses an H1 style headlight bulb. RECON projector headlights come with 4 standard halogen bulbs already installed; however, if you wish to upgrade to XENON Headlight Bulbs, you must order two sets of part # 264H1DW or 264H1PB for the low-beam & high-beam. Keep in mind there are two bulbs in each projector headlight, so you will need to buy two sets of headlight bulbs for each set of projector headlights you are upgrading the bulbs in. ATTN: These DO NOT fit 2013+ Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, FX2, FX4, or SVT RAPTOR's with OEM Projectors & HIDs as standard equipment from Ford. However, if your F-150 or RAPTOR is a model year 2013+ & DOES NOT have factory installed projectors with HIDs, then RECON projector headlights can be used & installed on your vehicle. - See more at: http://www.gorecon.com/product.php?pk=394&pname=Part-264190CL-CLEAR-Projector-Headlights-Ford-Raptor-F150-09-13-w-LED-Halos-DRLs#sthash.ctiSsFrO.dpuf