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2009-2011 F150 Powerstop Rear Brake Calipers

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Your Price: $184.99
Part Number: pws-s4858
Power Stop Performance Brake Calipers are made specifically with the enthusiast in mind. These calipers bolt directly in place of the stock calipers, and they look and perform great behind stock or custom wheels. The Caliper and the Bracket are remanufactured in our Chicago, IL facility and treated to a high-temperature red powder-coating. All new premium boots and seals are used, along with high-temperature silicone lubricant on the caliper pins for long life. Premium abutment clips are included where applicable.â ¢Electrostatic powder paint resists corrosionâ ¢ 100% pressure tested to prevent leaksâ ¢ Brand new components including bleeder screw, hardware and pinsâ ¢ High temperature EPDM rubber for extended lifeâ ¢ Premium silicone lubrication for smooth operationâ ¢ Remanufactured in our Chicago, IL facility